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Cole Caufield averages more points per game than last year
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As we all know, Cole Caufield doesn’t score as many goals as he should. At least, not at the goals-per-game rate he’s become accustomed to throughout his career.

On the other hand, he has improved certain facets of his game this season, being much more active defensively and feeding his team-mates in beautiful ways.

Not only is he more complete, but he’s also showing us a playmaking talent that wasn’t apparent before.

Although he worked on these aspects in his final year of university, it was never his cup of tea, but this season he’s proving to us that he’s much more than just a maverick.

In addition to having improved in many areas of his game, he’s producing at a better point-per-game rate this season than last.

Cole Caufield is also coming back from a shoulder injury he suffered last year.

What’s more, CC22 has never scored two or more goals in the same game this season.

Honestly, I’m surprised. Even though he’s scoring fewer goals than usual, it’s not the kind of statistic you’d expect from a maverick.

This Monday, Mathias Brunet drew up a portrait of some of the Habs’ young forwards who have progressed this season, and Caufield is one of them.

As Brunet mentions in his article, Ti-Cole is currently producing at a rate of 65 points.

His 12-point streak in his last nine games is helping him make up for his slow start to the season. Pairing Juraj Slafkovsky with Nick Suzuki and Caufield was a very good idea.

Last season, in 46 games, the Tricolore’s small forward was on a 64-point pace.

Brunet also alluded to the fact that if Caufield continues on his current path and averages a point a game between now and the end of the season, he’ll be on his way to a 72-point season.

All this, while being a much more responsible and complete player.

Despite not scoring as many goals, Caufield is currently tied for 5th in the NHL for game-winning goals, according to ESPN.

Not so long ago, he was in the top-3 in this respect.

You have to be patient with Caufield, as he has all the necessary attributes to become a 50-goal scorer. But if he continues to improve other facets of his game, our favorite Montreal forward will become a real threat throughout the NHL.

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