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At mid-season, Juraj Slafkovský has as many points as Pierre-Luc Dubois
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A few months ago, Pierre-Luc Dubois was a very popular name in Montreal. He had asked to be traded, and clearly, the Habs were in the running for his services.

Even Kent Hughes, who couldn’t say it explicitly, implied it quite clearly at a press conference. There was an interest on the part of the Habs, and you’d think it was mutual.

The question, however, was the price to be paid. Rumors had it that it would look like a package deal that would include Kirby Dach… but Juraj Slafkovský’s name had been bandied about a bit too.

In the end, Dubois was traded to the Los Angeles Kings… and so far, it’s been pretty disastrous, with PLD having just 20 points in 47 games and a -16 rating.

And when you look at these figures, you realize that at mid-season, Slafkovský has just as many points as him. There’s a two-game difference between the two, but we agree that it’s minimal.

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And while Dubois’ season is seen as a disaster by the Kings, just about everyone sees Slaf ‘s season as a huge bright spot for the 2023-24 season with the Habs.

And it makes sense: the Slovakian is only 19 and has less than a hundred games of NHL experience, while PLD is 25 and approaching 500 games in the league. When a 19-year-old “hogs” the production of a veteran in the first year of an eight-year, $8.5-million-a-year contract, let’s just say it makes Kent Hughes look good for not offering Slaf to the Jets for Dubois’ services.

If we continue to play the comparison game, we’ll also note that Slafkovský has more points than Jesperi Kotkaniemi, who has just 18 points in 48 games this season(including just three points in the last two months).

And as for Logan Cooley, who’s the same age as Slaf and whom the Coyotes didn’t hesitate to praise as the eighth wonder of the world at the start of the season (mocking Slafkovský in the process), we’re talking about fairly comparable seasons: Cooley has a few more points (25, compared to Slaf‘s 20), but the Slovak has seven goals on his record while Cooley has six.

What’s interesting is the trend: Cooley has slowed down after a huge start to the season, while Slafkovský has been taking off for two months now, and the points are finally coming in.

Whether it’s comparing him to a name he was linked to in a possible deal (Dubois), another of the club’s former top prospects (Kotkaniemi) or a direct rival for the 2022 draft (Cooley), Slafkovský’s recent successes make him look good.

And that’s got to make some of the Canadiens’ executives happy.

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