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Sean Monahan with the Rangers: Renaud Lavoie doesn’t believe in it

When the Montreal Canadiens re-signed Sean Monahan for one year last summer, everyone in Montreal was very happy, especially considering the contract’s value of $1.985 million.

Monahan had shown great promise in just 25 games (17 points) last season, in addition to being an exemplary veteran for the youngsters.

In short, there was nothing negative about keeping Monahan in Montreal.

However, we also all knew that this low one-year contract was a clear sign that Monahan would be a very interesting asset for the Habs to sell on the trade market at the March 8 deadline.

And now, the closer we get to the deadline, well, the more rumors there are, especially considering that Monahan is having a great season (32 points in 47 games) as well as being healthy.

He hasn’t missed a single game this season (despite several days of treatment on training days), which is very good for his value on the market, given that his state of health was something that worried other teams last season.

In short, it’s highly likely that several Stanley Cup contenders will be interested in Monahan’s services.

In fact, last night, reputed tipster Elliotte Friedman claimed that the New York Rangers might be interested in the Habs forward.

However, Renaud Lavoie said he simply didn’t believe it.

Why do you ask?

Well, because according to him, the Habs clearly don’t want to help the Rangers.

“The Rangers, I understand why it’s ‘cute’, but I don’t think there are many people in the Canadiens organization right now who want to help the New York Rangers.” – Renaud Lavoie

First, I understand Renaud Lavoie’s point that former Rangers organization members Jeff Gorton and Nick Brobov certainly won’t be the first to want to help their former team.

However, I believe they will put their egos and bitterness aside and seek the best possible offer for Monahan.

If the Rangers are the ones offering the most to the Habs for Monahan, I don’t think Kent Hughes will turn down the offer because it would help the former team of his colleagues Gorton and Brobov.

In short, if it’s the Rangers’ offer that would benefit the Habs the most, that’s the offer that will be accepted, regardless.

On the other hand, if the Rangers’ offer doesn’t suit the Tricolore, even if it’s the best, the Tricolore will keep Monahan and look to re-sign him.

Because no, the Habs won’t trade Monahan at any price.

It will take a solid offer to get him, not just a second-round pick.

In this case, it’s better to keep Monahan, because he’s a much better player right now than the youngster drafted in the second round.

In short, the Monahan file is one to watch very closely in the coming weeks.

Personally, I’m torn, because I know that Monahan could bring in a lot of money for the Habs, but at the same time, he’s a veteran who’s doing the Habs proud and who could continue to do so for many years to come.

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