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Lucas Condotta sold to Laval Rocket

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Lucas Condotta sold to Laval Rocket
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Last night, following a 3-2 overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Montreal Canadiens announced that they had traded forward Lucas Condotta to the Laval Rocket.

Condotta’s stay in Montreal comes to an end after two games, during which he earned no points and played an average of six minutes per game.

With the All-Star break already underway for the Habs, who played their final game last night before February 6 against the Capitals in Washington, it’s only fitting that Condotta be sent to Laval to help out the Rocket.

The Rocket is in the thick of a playoff battle and will need reinforcements for the three games between now and February 6.

So there was no point in keeping Condotta in Montreal over the break.

It remains to be seen whether the Habs will need to recall him (or another forward) for the next game on February 6 in Washington.

Keep an eye on Alex Newhook’s progress as he prepares for his return to action.


One wonders why Arber Xhekaj wasn’t also sent back to Laval at the same time as Condotta for the same reasons.

He could have gone to help the Rocket for three games before returning to the Habs for February 6.

I guess they preferred to let him rest and earn more money in the NHL.

Xhekaj was left out yesterday, by the way.

In short, the Habs defenseman probably won’t be helping the Rocket for three games, otherwise he would logically have been sent back to the AHL last night along with Condotta.

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