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LPHF: a Montreal goalie pays tribute to Ken Dryden and Carey Price with her mask
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The new women’s hockey league is really attracting attention.

It seems to be a serious league. The players have the opportunity to concentrate 100% on their jobs, and the spectators are there.

Even NHL players show up.

Close to home, the Montreal team is doing well.

Led by Marie-Philip Poulin, the team is in first place in the LPHF with a record of 3-2-0-1-1-1. Yes, there are a lot of numbers, but the columns are divided as follows: regulation wins, overtime wins, shootout wins, shootout losses, overtime losses and regular season losses.

Minnesota has the same record as Montreal.

Tonight, I want to talk about goaltender Elaine Chuli. The assistant to Ann-Renée Desbiens is undefeated in two starts and her new mask is sensational. She pays tribute to the greats who have occupied her position in the metropolis.

She pays tribute to Carey Price and Ken Dryden.

Very nice. Like a lot of young people, she watched Price when she was younger, especially at the World Junior Championships. And Ken Dryden is the other great goalie who played in Montreal. Behind her mask, Chuli asked Mask Wraps (of Toronto), the creator of the piece of equipment, to inscribe her name and historical buildings of the city of Montreal.

Once again, it’s quite an achievement, and a great way to appropriate a part of Montreal culture.

Because let’s face it: Price and Dryden are both legends here.

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