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Mike Ribeiro could face up to 20 years in prison
Recently, in the National Hockey League, we learned that five players were to travel to London, Ontario, to meet the police in the case of sexual assaults linked to the 2018 Junior Team Canada.

We can speculate that these five players are the same five who recently decided to take a leave of absence from their team, namely Carter Hart, Dillon Dubé, Alex Formenton (now playing in Switzerland), Michael McLeod and Cal Foote.

Nothing can be concluded at present, as nothing is official.

We’ll know more on February 5.

In the same vein as these potential accusations of sexual assault, well, the trial of former NHL star Mike Ribeiro has just begun in the last few days.

The former Montreal Canadiens player is accused of sexually assaulting three different women, which could land him in prison for up to 20 years, according to the latest information.

Indeed, this is what is reported in Jessica Lapinski’s excellent article for TVA Sports.

In it, we learn that Ribeiro is facing serious accusations of sexual assault against three women.

The former NHL player allegedly committed these acts on a jet-ski and boat at Cypress Lake on June 23, 2021.

Ribeiro owned a house there, and it was there that he allegedly assaulted the three women.

In short, the former NHL star is a far cry from his famous NHL successes, which were however always tinged by his delinquency.

Indeed, Ribeiro, despite his 793 points in 1,074 career games, was always known as a delinquent who often got into trouble with the law.

In short, the trial of the former NHL player will continue next week, and we should soon know what his sentence will be.

To find out more, I strongly advise you to read Jessica Lapinski’s excellent and very detailed article, which I’ll share with you right here.

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