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Cale Makar: $100,000 to every Colorado defenseman if he wins the skills competition
The National Hockey League All-Star Game (and Skills Competition) weekend is fast approaching.

That’s right, there’s only a week left before we see the ugly jerseys designed for the 2024 edition of the All-Star Game in action.

From February 1ᵉʳ to February 3, many of the NHL’s top players will be in Toronto to showcase their talent and entertain the hockey world.

What’s for sure is that the entire hockey planet will be hoping to see a better show than last year when it comes to the skills competition.

So far, it’s looking encouraging, given that the formula has been changed to make it more entertaining and, above all, for the players to give a better effort.

But how?

Well, the NHL will donate $1 million to the player who wins the skills competition.

That’s not a huge amount for stars who win several a year, but it does make for an interesting goal for the participants.

They can then do whatever they want with that million dollars.

In the case of Colorado Avalanche star defenseman Cale Makar, well, he reportedly let his fellow defensemen know that if he wins the million, he’ll give $100,000 to each of the team’s defensemen.

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Needless to say, Bowen Byram and the rest of the Avalanche defensemen hope Makar wins the skills competition.

It’s a great idea on Makar’s part, as he’ll be playing for all his defensive teammates.

If he wins, and keeps his word, Makar will pocket $300,000, as he will have given $100,000 to each of Colorado’s seven other defensemen.

In short, it will be very interesting to see how this new skills competition formula plays out.

Let’s hope it’s a good show, and that the players give it their all to win the contest and the million.

I can’t wait to see Nick Suzuki become the 2024 NHL Skills Competition champion, hehe.

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