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Kirby Dach: In Chicago, he felt like giving up
Kirby Dach was selected 3rd overall in the 2019 draft.

However, despite his great talent, he was never able to establish himself as a key player in the Blackhawks’ lineup.

The young man admits that he had a difficult time in Chicago… Mainly because he didn’t know where to turn.

The Hawks moved him to the center of the third trio, telling him he was more of a “shutdown player”, without necessarily being a talented player who could create things offensively.

And that broke his heart. He was ready to have a big role in the line-up, but it was as if his back had been turned without taking into account the skills he possessed.

Dach just happened to be on Chris Nilan’s excellent podcast, and he emptied his heart about his time in the Windy City:

There were too many things going on at the same time. They were dark moments and I wondered if I could go on. Hockey was flat because it’s not the player I am. I’m not just a defensive center. – Kirby Dach

Here’s Dach’s episode of the Knuckles Podcast:

You can really feel in Dach’s words that he’s been through hell in Chicago.

He talks about those moments with a lot of emotion, and I find it sad to hear him say he didn’t feel like playing anymore, because we know how charismatic he is.

At least things have settled down…

Dach covered a number of topics in his interview with Chris Nilan. What else caught my attention?

1. During the 21-22 season, when he was still wearing a Hawks uniform, Dach had a feeling he was going to be traded.

He admits that this feeling was echoed by several of the team’s players… And they were right in the end, because the following summer, the club cleaned house by trading him and letting Alex DeBrincat go via the trade market.

2. He’s not the first to say so openly…

But playing for a coach like Martin St-Louis is special.

It’s special because St-Louis is able to put himself in any player’s shoes because of his experience in the National League.

Dach admits he likes his coach ‘s way of doing things because it gives him more freedom on the ice. It’s night and day, basically, compared to when he was in Chicago.

3. This is probably the point that interested me most in the discussion.

Dach talks about the moment when Martin St-Louis paired him on the wing of the first trio, alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield… And he confided to Chris Nilan that it helped him a lot, but a lot to regain confidence.

Playing and performing with two great players made him realize that he belongs in the NHL and that he has what it takes to be a dominant player.

4. It’s a cliché, but the game really is different from above.

Dach has had the opportunity to watch a few games from the bridge since his injury and says he doesn’t understand how much space there is on the ice.

That said, he enjoys getting an outside view of the games and doesn’t hesitate to give his team-mates a few pointers when needed.

5. Juraj Slafkovsky is making progress and Kirby Dach is probably the least surprised guy on earth.

Dach spoke of his teammate as a player who is constantly looking to improve on the ice, and he believes Slaf will really start to dominate in a year or two.

He even goes on to say that the Slovak should be one of the NHL’s best players in a few years’ time, if Slaf continues to improve in leaps and bounds…

6. Kirby said what everyone knows about Cole Caufield. He really is a clown off the ice.

But when it comes to being serious… Caufield is one of the most dedicated guys in the Habs’ room. And Dach feels that not enough credit is given to his teammate, because Caufield works hard to become the best version of himself on the ice.

In closing, Kirby Dach shared his love for the city of Montreal and the team’s fans because they “are incredible”.

He used the example of the standing ovation given to Josh Anderson to illustrate his point.

I invite you once again to watch the recent episode of the “Knuckles Podcast” hosted by Chris Nilan.

It’s well worth the detour… And as usual, it allows us to learn a little more about a Habs player.

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