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Patrick Roy: Four people say he’s changed
Credit: YouTube

The Patrick Roy hashtag has been trending ever since the New York Islanders made him the team’s chief pilot. The team will be at the Bell Centre no later than Thursday, where Roy is sure to receive as much acclaim as the day he retired his No. 33 jersey.

Anyway, let’s rewind the tape a few spins and press pause on the following statement:

“It was humbling. It gives me even more respect for the job of head coach in the NHL in terms of the work and effort that goes into it. I think that during my first stint, I took a lot of things for granted and thought it would be easy. I have a lot of regrets about that!” – Roy

Was that just idle talk, or has Patrick Roy really progressed over the last seven years?

Kevin Dubé went straight to the source, consulting no less than four people who have worked with the great Patrick Roy… and the verdict is unanimous (4-in-4).

Réjean Soucy (his best friend), Nicole Bouchard (Remparts assistant GM), his son Frédérick and Richard Blanchet (Remparts doctor) were the people who spoke out about Le Roy’s turning point.

Here are Mr. Soucy’s statements regarding Le Roy:

“Pat, we’ve known each other for 25 years. I know more about his private life than his professional life. He’s changed for the better. As he’s gotten older, he’s become calmer and more in control. He’s said publicly that he’s improved and changed, and there’s a reason for that: his greatest quality is that he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice.” – Soucy

In the end, he remains the same intense man, determined to win, but with adjustments to his shortcomings/weaknesses, which will make him a better head coach.


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