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According to JiC, the Habs are preparing the ground to trade Arber Xhekaj

After the varlop against the Boston Bruins, the frog-march against Martin St-Louis and the Habs started croaking even more. Following the “amorphous” loss (except in the 3rd period) to the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday night, pundits are criticizing the organization from all angles.

All day long, whether via BPM Sports, RDS or TVA Sports, criticism of the Sainte-Flanelle was fierce. For example, one of the popular phrases of the day was: The honeymoon between Martin St-Louis and his fans is over.

Jean-Charles Lajoie’s dissatisfaction with the Montreal organization’s handling of the colossus Arber Xhekaj was also evident. For JiC, the Sheriff is not part of the Montreal Canadiens’ medium- and long-term plans.

“I love Jordan Harris and I’d like him to marry my daughter… but why didn’t Harris have to undergo fitness training in Laval when he returned from injury, while Jack-Eye had to ride the bus and eat cold chicken for two months?

Why, if not because senior management is preparing his departure from Montreal? Why, if not because Jack-Eye is missing from the magnet board of the projected 2025-26 roster in Kent Hughes’ office?” – JiC

It’s true that there’s nothing normal about the way the Tricolore is handling the Xhekaj file… In fact, Georges Laraque has been yelling it since yesterday on BPM Sports, Martin St-Louis doesn’t like Arber Xhekaj. He’s firm in his statements, while Stéphane Gonzalez points out that these are Georges’ speculations.

We’re not inside Martin St-Louis’ head or the Montreal Canadiens’ dressing room, but from where we sit, everything leads us to believe that the coach isn’t a fan of players like Sheriff and Michael Pezzatta.

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