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Olympiques coach: Serge Beausoleil can’t believe he’s received resumes.

Since yesterday, there’s been a lot of talk about Benoît Desrosiers.

The coach of the Gatineau Olympiques, who is Patrick Roy’s former assistant in Quebec City, was the subject of a rumour by Stéphane Leroux sending him to join Patrick Roy with the New York Islanders.

Then, the Islanders denied the hiring… but added that he was still on the club’s radar and that a meeting with Lou Lamoriello was still on the menu.

But hey. As of this morning, no further updates with the Islanders have been made and Desrosiers, who has work to do in Gatineau, has continued to live his life and do his job.

This morning, he led the Olympiques’ training session, but did not speak to the media. Instead, Serge Beausoleil, the club’s GM, spoke to the press.

What the GM (who is expected to step down behind the bench at the end of the season should Desrosiers leave) did say was that his coach had a terrible day yesterday. Journalist Yanick St-Denis, who covers the Olympiques, reported the news.

Because yes, at the moment, Desrosiers is still the Olympiques’ coach. The Olympiques wouldn’t stop him from graduating, but as we heard from the horse’s mouth (the Islanders’ X account) yesterday, nothing’s been done.

Is it just a matter of time before it happens? Maybe it is. But right now, he’s not in the NHL.

It’s also worth noting that the Olympiques CEO has already received about eight applications for the club’s coaching position. And this, even though the Olympiques haven’t announced anything yet. Perhaps they mistook the QMJHL commissioner’s tweet for cash…

But hey. All of which is to say that applying for a job that’s already been filled didn’t exactly make Serge Beausoleil happy, as he’s always telling anyone who’ll listen that Desrosiers is his coach.

In his eyes, those who applied for an occupied position lost feathers.

Let’s just say that the situation continues to be the talk of the town. After all, we’ve no doubt that Patrick Roy won’t stop pushing to bring someone he trusts to his side, we agree.

Is there smoke without fire?

In bursts

– Patrick Roy was first off the ice this morning in Long Island. Normally, the starting goalie does this… #Blague

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– Can’t wait to see it.

– Of note.

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