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Jordan Harris will skip his turn tonight

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Jordan Harris will skip his turn tonight
This morning, the Canadiens held an optional training session. Many players took to the ice anyway.

We’re talking about Armia, Evans, Harvey-Pinard, Pearson, Pezzetta, Roy and Ylönen among the forwards, as well as defensemen Guhle, Harris, Kovacevic, Struble and Xhekaj.

All three goalkeepers also skated.

Suzuki, Caufield, Gallagher, Anderson, Monahan, Slafkovsky, Savard and Matheson took up the option… even though Caufield jumped on the ice in his gougounes and Monahan skated a little, anyway. Remember that yesterday, he had a day of treatments.

Not surprisingly, Arber Xhekaj skated. After all, he hadn’t been on the ice with the others for quite some time. The guys seemed happy to see him there. Note that he will play tonight. The Habs didn’t call him back to skip his turn.

Because the Habs have only two right-handed defensemen, Johnathan Kovacevic’s presence is becoming increasingly important. So he’ll play tonight.

Jordan Harris will skip his turn.

Justin Barron and Mitchell Stephens (of course) won’t be playing either. With Jordan Harris out, victim of circumstances at the moment, that makes three guys out.

Johnathan Kovacevic and Arber Xhekaj will play tonight, as will Tanner Pearson. He will take the place (on the ice and in the 23-player line-up) of Mitchell Stephens and will obviously keep Ylönen in the stands.

Ylönen will find out at 2 p.m. whether he’s going to Laval or has been called up for the waivers. Without him, the Habs will have to play with just three natural centers (Suzuki, Monahan and Evans), which isn’t easy.

Yesterday, we learned that Jake Allen was going to play.

In bursts

– You could tell. He’ll need to regain his confidence in Laval.

– In the AHL, Arber Xhekaj has learned not to take anything for granted.

– The Devils’ boss is in Newark to stay.

– Joël Bouchard turns 50.

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