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Mathias Brunet has a (strong) feeling that a team could pay a lot for Arber Xhekaj
In a few minutes, Arber Xhekaj will take part in his first NHL game since November 16.

On social media, people seem happy to have the Sheriff back. What better way to (re)welcome yourself to the big league than with a game against Brady Tkachuk and the Sens?

I wonder what the chances are of the defenseman throwing down the gloves tonight…

In short, even though he’s no longer in Laval, Xhekaj hasn’t heard the last of him. Today, the defenseman was one of the topics of discussion between Martin Lemay and Mathias Brunet on BPM Sports.

And Brunet revealed a strong feeling about a trade involving the left-hander. A trade in which a team would part with a first-round pick between 15th and 20th. It would be a very expensive trade…

The journalist had stated the other day that Xhekaj, the defenseman to be traded with the greatest value in his opinion, could bring back a first-round pick . He didn’t specify where exactly, but that’s what he did today.

One thing’s for sure: Martin Lemay wants nothing to do with trading him. And he doesn’t believe in the possibility of any team offering such a high first-round pick.

Remember, the Habs don’t want to trade their young defenseman either. But if an offer of this magnitude (top-15 pick) came along, I’d think twice if I were Kent Hughes… After all, his coach doesn’t just want stars off the ice, but on it too. That’s what he said earlier today in a press conference.

(…) We want them [the players] to become stars on the ice. – Martin St-Louis

So, St-Louis got his message across with this revealing quote.

Now, was his dismissal to Laval to send him a message other than to improve his defensive game?

Now that he’s with the big club, it’ll be interesting to analyze his game over the next few days. Because with the Rocket, he did very well.

In short

– Message of general interest.

– Well done.

– Several news items to note.

– Horrible.

– Really?

– Well said.

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