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Despite his differences with Roy, P-A Parenteau supports Roy
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It’s amazing how polarizing Roy Patrick is. In fact, the DansLesCoulisses team has published nearly a dozen texts about him, and every one of them lands on the other side of the fence!

Let’s take a second to remind ourselves that Patrick Roy and his flock trained very rigorously this morning, and only for 15 minutes. In a way, Roy set his parameters, and his new soldiers really appreciated it.

That said, even the former No. 33’s enemies appreciate his appointment with the New York Islanders, as does Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau. Things weren’t always rosy between Parenteau and Roy when the two were in Colorado.

“I didn’t have a great relationship with him, but I respect him as a coach. He knows the game, he’s an intense guy and he can move mountains! I’ve had my differences with him, but I think he’ll get the job done!” – Parenteau via TVA Sports

Parenteau, who played two seasons with the New York Islanders, didn’t think Patrick Roy was the kind of person/coach who could charm Lou Lamoriello. However, many experts see a natural fit, which is why old Lou hasn’t met anyone but Roy 2.0.

Yes, yes! It’s fair to point out that Roy isn’t the same man, having come a long way since his days with the Colorado Avalanche. Roy says he’s more humble than when he first sat behind a National League bench.

“During my first stint, I took a lot of things for granted and thought it would be easy,” he candidly declared. I have a lot of regrets about that. Today, I’m convinced that I’m in better spirits and that I’m much more humble as I embark on this new adventure.” – Roy

Will he remain humble enough about the advanced statistics, which may not totally enthral Patrick Roy? We chat…

In a gust

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