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Barzal and Pageau fail Roy’s 15-minute workout
Credit: Twitter video (Renaud Lavoie)

It didn’t take long for Patrick Roy to get into “intense” mode, as he took to the ice for the first time with his new soldiers, sporting the look of a man who wasn’t in the mood for a laugh.

Heading into tonight’s battle with the Dallas Stars, the Islanders only practiced for 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes were worth their weight in gold with Roy Patrick‘s strict and animated instructions.

One-on-one brawls along the boards are one of the most important facets of hockey, and Roy made sure that his team were up to the task of executing this aspect of the game.

Listen to this intensity, it’s worth opening your ears:

Another one:

The 58-year-old had to take the pulse of his clan before the start of his first game at the helm of an NHL team in over seven years. The hits on the ice and the vivid indications proved just how ready this hockey man was for his next challenge on the Bettman circuit.

The players saw a huge difference with a coach who took just 15 minutes to make his mark. In fact, Mathew Barzal and Jean-Gabriel Pageau were (positively) flabbergasted by Roy’s approach. Both players agreed that this was exactly what the Islanders needed going forward.

The two centre-halves were captivated by this first (small) training session led by Patrick Roy.

Isn’t it good when two of your leaders give a speech like that after a routine training session? Things are already changing dramatically, and Roy has only been at it for a few hours.

For those of you who were wondering, Roy actually trimmed his beard at Lou Lamoriello’s request, which shows his support for his group… even if it hurt!

Anyway, I think it’s beautiful!

In a gust

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