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Lane Hutson had four assists in a win last night

If there’s one player’s name that hasn’t yet made it to the pros, whether in Montreal with the Canadiens, or in Laval with the Rocket, but is resonating all over town, it’s Lane Hutson.

The 19-year-old defenseman is the talk of the town, and with good reason.

Habs fans are very excited by his performance in the NCAA, and naturally have high hopes of him becoming a full-fledged NHL offensive defenseman.

Last season in the NCAA, Hutson broke several records with 48 points, including 15 goals, in 39 games.

We all thought it would be difficult for Hutson to do better this season, but that was to misunderstand the young defenseman.

In fact, Hutson is burning up the NCAA again this season, and at a better production rate than last season.

Last night’s four assists in Boston University’s 5-1 win over the University of Vermont clearly help his impressive haul.

Here’s his first assist of the night, on a goal by Macklin Celebrini, who is considered the NHL’s next No. 1 overall pick.

The chemistry between the two continues to work wonders, and this can only amplify the dream of Habs fans of seeing Celebrini land in Montreal if the Habs win the draft lottery.

His final assist of the night was a beautiful one, as he drew the attention of nearly four opponents before delicately passing backhand to his brother Quinn Hutson, who unleashed a superb shot on the rebound.

Here’s his second assist (also on a Celebrini goal) and third assist of the match.

Note that Boston University’s first goal of the game, the only one on which Hutson didn’t get an assist, was scored by Habs prospect Luke Tuch.

That gives him 19 points (six goals and 13 assists) in 20 games. He’s just one point shy of matching his NCAA career best.

Anyway, back to Hutson, he’s burning up the league again, as he now has 27 points (nine goals and 18 assists) in 18 games, giving him a points-per-game average of 1.50.

That’s quite impressive for a 19-year-old defenseman.

He’s developing very well, and he’s also progressing very well, which suggests that he’ll be ready to make the jump to the pros next season.

However, Hutson has stated that he will also be ready to return to the NCAA next year to complete a third season with Boston University rather than make the move to the NHL.

This will be an important decision to be made by the Habs management and Hutson, as it’s very important that Hutson makes the jump to the pros at the right time.

Moreover, if he does so this year, he might not play so many games with the Tricolore, given that Boston University has quite a club and could go far in the playoffs and reach the Frozen Four.

In short, all this remains to be seen, and we’re all looking forward to seeing Hutson pilot the Habs’ power play with ease one day.

In a gust

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