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Even the political class underlines Patrick Roy’s return to the NHL

At the outset, it’s appropriate to congratulate Lou Lamoriello on hiring Patrick Roy.

Not many general managers would have “dared” to hire a winner, certainly, but sometimes, a guy controversial for his ardor and emotions, in particular.

A risky, even frightening acquisition, but it could pay off so well…

On social networks, the reactions are numerous.

And it’s not just in the sporting world.

Even the political class highlighted his fully-deserved return to the NHL.

TVA Sports did its research and saw great messages from François Legault, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and Marc Tanguay, among others.

Politicians are happy to see another Quebecer behind the NHL bench, but especially to see a guy who brought so many emotions to Canadiens fans when he came to town.

The politicians have spoken, but thousands of others in the sports world have expressed their delight at a legendary hire that makes a lot of sense when you take the time to look at the details.

The Quebec Remparts were keen to remind people that their former GM and head coach is the G.O.A.T and Michel Bergeron said he was very happy for Roy and that the Senators missed out.

It’s hard not to agree with the Tiger on that one.

Serge Savard and Joe Sakic, two former GMs of the former goaltender, also had good things to say.

In Sakic’s case, he thinks it’s a good thing he’s back. He also praised his coaching skills.


So Patrick Roy is officially back, and today the Islanders win, but so does the hockey world.

The NHL needed a guy like him behind the bench, and the New York team obviously understood that.

One thing’s for sure: hockey is in shock. In any case, the Metropolitan Division is in for a shake-up… #TortsvsRoy

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