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Patrick Roy: Not the first time Lou Lamoriello has hired a former Canadien

I don’t know about you, but on this Saturday, I wasn’t necessarily expecting a quiet evening. #CanadianBruins

There are also two good American football games (NFL).

But this evening quickly became even more exciting with a monumental acquisition in the NHL. Patrick Roy has been hired by the New York Islanders.

Even better, Roy and his troupe will be at the Bell Centre on Thursday night.

Usually, Islanders-Canadiens games aren’t the most exciting, but we’re betting that won’t be the case next week.

While the Quebecker’s hiring by the Islanders may have come as a surprise to many, it’s still part of good old Lou’s routine to dip into the Canadiens’ backyard.

Indeed, Roy is the fifth head coach hired by Lou Lamoriello, who has already coached or played (with) the Habs.

Jacques Lemaire, Pat Burns, Claude Julien and Larry Robinson have already coached the Devils under Lamoriello.

And for those of you who say “it’s all just coincidence”, I’ll tell you it’s not.

If Lemaire, Robinson (who had an atypical coaching career) and Burns took New Jersey to the Stanley Cup Final, Julien couldn’t do it in one season in Newark.

Remember that he was shown the door with three games to go in 2006, after a 102-point season.

Roy will be hoping not to follow in Julien’s footsteps, but those of the other three.

It remains to be seen whether Patrick’s experience will pay off. In any case, Elliotte Friedman saw this hire coming.

The Islanders’ first game under Roy will be tomorrow against the Dallas Stars.

TVA Sports will broadcast the game.


– Good game for David Reinbacher.

– A goal for Lane Hutson.

– He had momentarily left the game.

– Ravens too strong for Texans.

– To listen to.

– It’s never too late.

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