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Arber Xhekaj’s latest victim attacks Rocket goalie
Last night, Arber Xhekaj gave Brennan Saulnier, a player weighing barely 170 pounds, a beating.

It wasn’t a pretty sight…

Here’s the footage for those who missed it.

Clearly, Xhekaj’s victim has not digested his fight of the previous day.

The Rocket and Senators were back in action 24 hours later, and this time Saulnier went after Kasimir Kaskisuo.

I understand that Kaskisuo had it coming a bit, but it wasn’t as sneaky as the retort.

I’m expecting a suspension for the Sens forward…

In any case, the Rocket players were quick to defend their goalie.

I didn’t know Saulnier before the start of the weekend, but let’s just say he’s made a name for himself. And not necessarily for the right reasons…

At least the Laval goalkeeper doesn’t seem to be affected by his opponent’s actions.

in gusto

– For those interested.

– Three-game suspension for William Lockwood.

– Montreal fans will have to buy extra screens.

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