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Réjean Tremblay’s comments: Renaud Lavoie completely denies the story

Earlier this morning, Renaud Lavoie and Gilbert Delorme didn’t look like the best of friends on BPM Sports.

Indeed, as reported by colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois, the two exchanged fierce views on the Montreal Canadiens’ fatigue situation.

I’m not going to revisit this interest-generating story, but the Barron, Alain Chantelois, added to it earlier in the evening on JiC.

The Barron explained that he understood that the team was tired, but what he didn’t understand was that Cayden Primeau, “who had slept in a beautiful king bed in Ottawa (without travel) the night before, was not in his right mind”.

The young American didn’t have his best game, allowing five goals on 36 shots.

After Chantelois’ segment, it was Renaud Lavoie’s turn to be on the air, and he set the record straight regarding Réjean Tremblay’s comments a few days ago.

For those who weren’t aware, the Godfather had told Télé-Québec that a TVA Sports cameraman had taken images of John Tortorella and Martin St-Louis chatting before last week’s Habs vs Flyers game. Subsequently, Chantal Machabée arrived and said that these images could not be broadcast.

But this story was denied in its entirety by Renaud Lavoie.

The journalist said it was his decision not to take any images, as he was aware of the magnitude of the situation. He also didn’t want to break the moment by putting a big camera in their faces.

His cameraman even asked him if he should film, and Lavoie refused.

Machabée did go and see the TVA Sports journalist afterwards, according to Renaud Lavoie. Gently, she asked him if the cameraman had filmed, and after Renaud’s negative answer, she was apparently very relieved to hear this.

Even the Canadiens’ social networkers asked Chantal if they could post the footage on the team’s official pages. Her answer was no.

What you also need to understand is that 30 minutes before the game, only the official broadcasters are allowed to be in the vicinity of the locker room. So there weren’t many people there.

Renaud finally ended his segment with JiC, saying that in his 30-year career following the Senators back in the day, the Canadiens and other NHL teams, he had never been asked by anyone not to broadcast an image taken by him or his colleagues.

On Wednesday, you can hear Réjean Tremblay on my colleague JB Gagné’s podcast La Puck.


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