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Monahan, several teams’ plan B after Elias Lindholm
The Flames are three points behind the Kings for a playoff spot in the Western Conference.

The Calgary outfit has a 21-19-5 record after 45 games played…

And they’ve been on a roll lately, winning seven of their last ten games.

You may be wondering why I’m talking about the Flames today. Well, it’s because the Alberta team’s performance could have a direct impact on the Canadiens, Kent Hughes and Sean Monahan. Why would that be?

Because in Calgary, there’s been talk of Elias Lindholm being traded if the team doesn’t make the playoffs. The excellent center will be as free as a bird this summer, and he doesn’t seem to be close to signing a contract extension with the club.

But if the Flames are in the playoffs and believe in their chances, Lindholm shouldn’t be traded.

And given that, according to Pierre LeBrun (BPM Sports), Sean Monahan could be several teams’ plan B after Elias Lindholm… The Habs organization could really benefit.

I think what’s going to happen with Monahan, in many cases, is that he’s going to be like Plan B after teams try for Elias Lindholm. – Pierre LeBrun

If Lindholm is traded, though…

Interestingly, Elliotte Friedman, appearing on Jeff Marek’s show, opened the door to a trade to Vancouver:

Elias Lindholm has 30 points in 45 games this season. Monahan, after the same number of games played, has 28 points…

There are many similarities between the two players.

Both will be traded for rentals as their respective contracts expire after this season…

Both have a fine offensive arsenal…

Both are responsible on the ice because they have great defensive skills in their toolbox…

The difference is the salary. Monahan is earning $1.985 million this season, while Lindholm is making $4.85 million.

For the record, David Pagnotta is talking about a first-round pick or a second-round pick with a prospect for Monahan. Will the price go up if the Calgary Flames decide to retain the services of Elias Lindholm?

The question frankly deserves to be asked.

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