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Carey Price’s advice for David Reinbacher
Last week, Arpon Basu took a hockey trip to Switzerland. The purpose of the trip: to see David Reinbacher in action.

The journalist discussed the trip with Marc Antoine Godin on their podcast The Basu and Godin notebook.

In particular, he talked about how the Habs have compared their young prospect to Noah Dobson, and how distractions are hurting his season.

Later, in a text published on The Athletic , Basu shared several other pertinent pieces of information.

Firstly, Carey Price gave valuable advice to Reinbacher, the player who saw his name butchered by the Montreal goalie.

The Austrian told the journalist that Price had told him not to think too much and to have fun every day. An obvious piece of advice, but nonetheless very important for a youngster who will soon be learning to cope with Montreal music.

When Price talks, you have to listen. After all, he knows what the pressure of donning the blue-white-red colors is like, and he is – like Reinbacher – a former fifth overall pick in his auction.

Arpon Basu didn’t go to Europe just to talk to the Habs prospect. He wanted to know everything about the youngster, and to do so, he went elsewhere. He got in touch with Larry Mitchell, Reinbacher’s GM and head coach, and Mark Streit, among others.

Mitchell told Basu that he watched a lot of videos with his protégé, images of a certain Shea Weber. These video sessions were a good learning experience for the defenseman, as he realized that playing simple leads to success.

And on the ice, it shows, because lately he’s been much better, even though his team is having a hard time winning games.

The lesson he’s learned: don’t change who you are, because you’ve been drafted for that identity.

In Reinbacher’s selection at the last draft, former Canadiens Mark Streit and Vincent Lecavalier were important voices. Streit, who was one of the owners of SC Bern, his childhood team, saw plenty of the youngster on the ice in 2022.

Reinbacher was the subject of discussion between Streit and several people in the hockey world, and the former Habs player eventually recommended the youngster to Lecavalier, with whom he played two seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers.

With his ability to get around the rink with his skating, his intuition and his skill, I think he’s going to be fine. – Mark Streit, talking about David Reinbacher

According to the Tricolore’s former ninth-round pick in 2004, management did the right thing in sending Reinbacher to Switzerland, but next year he’ll almost certainly be an NHL player. Like Carey Price, he knows what he’s talking about, having faced similar situations when he was younger.

Finally, Andrew Ebbett had some kind words for Reinbacher. The 224-game NHL veteran and general manager of Streit’s Swiss team compared the Montreal protégé to Nico Hischier and Auston Matthews.

Reinbacher’s calmness reminds him of the Devils’ captain. In fact, when he first saw the defenseman a few years ago, he couldn’t believe he was 17.

And his poise reminds him of none other than Auston Matthews. In short, one of the team’s top prospects isn’t compared to celery stalks.

I can’t wait to see him in action in North America.

Once again, thanks to Apron Basu for this interesting information and his colossal work in a foreign country.

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