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Even if he does make the jump to the pros, Lane Hutson may not play much this season.

For the moment, we don’t know the real plan in Lane Hutson’s head.

The little defenseman says he’s ready to return to the NCAA next year because he’s considering the idea of playing with his two brothers, Quinn and Cole.

But Hutson also feels he’s ready to make the jump to the NHL because he’s already one of the dominant players on the college circuit. He’s having (yet another) great season at Boston University, and the team’s having a great season too.

In an ESPN article, Colby Cohen, Andrew Raycroft and Sean Ritchlin were asked a few questions about the NCAA this season.

One of them allowed the analysts to give their predictions as to which teams will reach the Frozen Four…

And all three said they saw Lane Hutson’s team making the all-important NCAA tournament.

Last year, Boston University also reached the Frozen Four. Lane Hutson’s season ended on April 6, with a semi-final loss to the Minnesota Gophers…

This year’s tournament will be held in Minnesota, from April 11 to 13, 2024.

If Boston University makes it all the way to the finals, it will (really) delay Lane Hutson’s professional debut…

And given that the Habs’ season ends on April 16, it could also limit the chances of Hutson playing several games with the Habs at the end of the season.

It’s a shame, in a way, but Boston University has the talent to go all the way. Macklin Celebrini and Hutson have been on a roll since the start of the campaign, and the two youngsters’ brilliance could help the team win it all, which is always good for the development of a young player like Hutson.

All in all, we’ll have to keep an eye on Boston University’s performance to see what happens with Lane Hutson. Kent Hughes would like to see him finish the season in Montreal… But that could be a little more complicated than expected.

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