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Trevor Zegras: the Canadian is the first team quoted in a text by The Athletic
Since last week, the name Trevor Zegras has become very popular throughout the NHL.

Many are wondering if his future lies in Anaheim, after the Ducks traded for Cutter Gauthier… So much so, that at the moment, potential scenarios are being drawn up for a transaction involving the forward, who is not universally appreciated throughout the NHL.

For what it’s worth, in a piece for The Athletic, the Habs are the first team mentioned for a possible deal.

Shayna Goldman, who wrote the article in question, argues that the Habs are a good fit because the club could count on a one-two punch at center made up of Nick Suzuki and Zegras… Andspending time with a head coach like Martin St-Louis could also help him improve his overall game .

The Flyers, Blackhawks, Bruins, Red Wings and Capitals are also on Shayna Goldman’s list:

For his part, Mathias Brunet proposed a few targets for the Habs as the basis for a transaction of some kind…

And it’s Zegras’ name again that tops the La Presse journalist’s list.

It makes you realize that the scenario of Zegras ending up in Montreal is relatively popular right now. And not just in Montreal!

The Habs are looking to add a talented youngster to their roster, a player who has the potential to help the team in the long term and who will fit in with the club’s management plan.

If the trend continues and the Habs keep improving, the club could start competing with the NHL’s top teams in two years’ time (season 25-26)…

And Zegras, who will celebrate his 23rd birthday in March, fits in with the Montreal rebuilding timeline. He’ll be mature by the time the Habs start getting good, just like the other young players in Montreal.

The idea is appealing because the Habs don’t necessarily have flashy players in their line-up. There’s a lack of natural talent right now, and God knows Zegras can bring that element to any NHL lineup.

Kent Hughes will have a decision to make, and the matter will be interesting to monitor over the coming weeks. If the Montreal GM finds his price and is willing to dance with Pat Verbeek, Kent Hughes will have succeeded in his mission to add an elite forward to his line-up.

But the price has to be right, we agree. And we agree that the Ducks aren’t going to sell off the young player, who signed a three-year, $5.75-million-a-year contract earlier this season.

As a reminder, Trevor Zegras was injured last week and is expected to return to action in March.

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