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Slafkovsky in the same class as Bedard and Fantilli at a level
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Recently, Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) chatted to a former U16 coach of Slovakia’s Juraj Slafkovsky. The man took the opportunity to send the journalist a photo of Slaf.

It’s a photo where his hair isn’t combed the way it is today, and it’s not a natural color.

Like many kids his age, you’d think he and his team had their hair bleached when it mattered most on the ice. It’s a tradition.

Yesterday, on the sidelines of the Canadiens’ training session, the journalist decided to show Slaf the photo in question. Slaf smiled broadly, showing off his young face and hair.

He reacted by saying that if the club made the playoffs, he’d do that haircut again.

Unfortunately, he didn’t say he was going to change his hair color. That would have been pretty intense for an NHL player, no matter how young he is on the Bettman circuit. Instead, he said he was going to change his haircut to the one in the photo.

I have to admit, that’s a big commitment too, because let’s face it, as an adult, that’s probably not the haircut he wants on his head.

Being one of his teammates, I’d like to make the playoffs even more…

That said, we all know that he promised this knowing that the Habs don’t really have a chance of making the playoffs – especially if Sean Monahan were to be traded sooner rather than later.


Remember that the Canadiens, who face the Avalanche tonight, have one of the toughest schedules in the NHL between now and the end of the season. That’s not going to help them close the gap on Tampa, which stands at eight points.

Let’s also remember that, at the moment, the Canadiens are well placed to draft a top-10 prospect.

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