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Joshua Roy recall: a great gift for Habs fans

Late last night, after the Laval Rocket’s 5-2 win over the Manitoba Moose, the Montreal Canadiens announced that they had recalled forward Joshua Roy from the Rocket.

It’s an announcement that pretty much took everyone by surprise given that Emil Heineman had just been demoted to the American League.

We didn’t expect the Habs to issue another recall so soon.

However, the acquisition earlier this week of AHL forward Filip Cederqvist from Buffalo gives the Habs more depth in Laval, which may explain Roy’s recall.

In short, after being asked to come to Montreal by Habs fans since the start of the season, Joshua Roy will (most likely) be making his NHL debut soon.

It’s a great gift for Habs fans, given that times are tough in Montreal at the moment, with the team hard to watch and going through a rather difficult sequence.

Roy’s arrival will give fans a great reason to watch the games, as the Quebecer is likely to be tested for a few games to see what he can do in the NHL.

It’s a nice bonus for the fans, and a welcome distraction from their recent poor performances.

What’s more, it’s also a nice bonus for Joshua Roy, who, after a more difficult sequence, has been getting back on track lately, as he’s having an excellent time in Laval with seven points, including four goals in his last six games.

After 34 games of experience and 30 points (12 goals and 18 assists) in the pros, Roy will get his first chance in the best hockey league in the world.

We remember that everyone wanted to see him in Montreal at the start of the season, when the Quebecer was burning up the AHL with 12 points in his first six games.

However, recalling him so soon would probably have been a mistake, as Martin McGuire explained earlier this week.

Now that he’s had his ups and downs in the AHL, and is currently enjoying a good run, it’s the perfect time to test him in the NHL.

What’s more, his performance could help management make decisions ahead of the trade deadline.

If he performs well and makes his mark in the NHL, Kent Hughes will be more open to letting some of these players go.

But in the short term, let’s see who Roy plays with.

If we really want to test him, it won’t be on a fourth trio.

So he won’t simply be taking the place of Michael Pezzetta, who is likely to be the one bailing out and being left on the sidelines.

And in this whole situation, Pezzetta won’t be the only one bailing out.

The entire Laval Rocket will suffer from Roy’s departure.

Indeed, the Habs’ club-school is doing very well at the moment, thanks in large part to Roy’s performance.

The team has climbed back up the standings with seven wins in its last ten games.

It’s a shame for Jean-François Houle’s troupe, who yesterday won a game signed by Logan Mailloux.

The young defenseman scored a goal and earned the game’s first star.

He also took the opportunity to answer questions in excellent French.

A beautiful moment, which makes us love the Rocket representative at the All-Star Game even more.

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