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Elvis Merzlikins and the Jackets have agreed to find him a new club
Since the start of his career, Elvis Merzlikins has shown that he is a good National League goalkeeper.

His stats aren’t always stellar, but the fact that he plays in Columbus doesn’t help, as the club has been struggling for the past few seasons.

In general, though, he does a hell of a job behind a decent team, but nothing more.

He’s having a relatively good season (efficiency rate of .907), but he seems to be dissatisfied with his usage at the moment.

Merzlikins has played 23 games this season (out of 42) and that’s obviously not enough, because he’s reached an agreement with the Blue Jackets to find him new training.

I love the city of Columbus. I love my teammates. I grew up here. But I’m not a backup. – Elvis Merzlikins

At least that’s clear.

I’m surprised by the goaltender’s comments, because out of 82 games, that’s an average of 54 games played.

I find it hard to believe that he’ll find a club that’ll give him 65 to 70 starts a season, because that’s not how the NHL works anymore.

For what it’s worth, the goalie is in the second season of a five-year contract he signed in 2021. He averages $5.4 million per season… And it’s also worth noting that he has a no-trade clause and can submit a list of 10 teams where he refuses to be traded.

But this news has a direct impact on the Montreal Canadiens, who are looking to solve their goaltending problem.

Merzlikins is a good goaltender and will become the number one target for teams looking to improve in front of the net… Which will undoubtedly change the goaltending market.

If only Jake Allen had been able to build on his early-season dominance… Because right now, offers aren’t coming in for the goalie because of the salary cap .

It makes sense, really, because nobody wants a goalie who’s not winning, who’s been posting atrocious stats for weeks and who’s making too much money for what he brings to the rink.

In gusto

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