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David Savard: Mathias Brunet wouldn’t trade for a first-round pick

By necessity, because of the Habs’ situation, when there’s talk of hockey, we can often come back to the fact that the Habs will have decisions to make in the run-up to the trade deadline.

There are players who should logically be traded. Jake Allen comes to mind, arguably the most available player on the Habs’ roster right now.

Or Sean Monahan. That’s been true all season, but it’s even truer now that we’re aware that Kent Hughes has an agreement with him to trade him.

But we mustn’t forget David Savard.

Yesterday, on BPM Sports, Mathias Brunet chatted about hockey, as he’s wont to do. And when the topic turned to David Savard, the journalist was quite clear: he’d keep him at all costs.

Chatting with Martin Lemay, Mathias Brunet said that even if the Habs were to receive a late first-round pick for his services, he’d say no if he had to make the decision.

He obviously considers his best value to be in Montreal, and the impact he has on the club is more important than what a pick could ultimately bring the Habs.

It’s true that Savard is the Daddy of defense. That said, even if his impact is great, we mustn’t forget the fact that soon, there will be plenty of square-footed defensemen in Montreal and Laval.

In addition to Savard, there’s Matheson, Harris, Barron, Struble, Guhle and Kovacevic up top. In Laval, Mailloux, Norlinder, Trudeau, Xhekaj and Beaudin belong to the Canadiens. Bisson and Galipeau are also playing, under contract to the Rocket.

Adam Engstrom, Lane Hutson and David Reinbacher could/should all theoretically finish the season in Quebec.

Even if David Savard is an excellent defenseman and mentor, we have to consider the fact that his departure will eventually make room for younger players. If Kent Hughes is ready to rejuvenate his defense, it’s a good idea to think about it.

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