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Anthony Marcotte calls Mailloux and Xhekaj a two-headed monster
At the beginning of December, on the 4th to be precise, the Canadiens traded Arber Xhekaj to the Rocket.

The news came as something of a surprise in Montreal, because the defenseman had proven that he could be useful in some way in the NHL.

But Xhekaj’s dismissal to the AHL is smiling on the Habs because he’s currently shining alongside Logan Mailloux.

Jean-François Houle wasted no time in pairing the two youngsters together, and the strategy is working wonders so far.

Xhekaj and Mailloux have collected 10 points each (in eleven games) since they started playing on the same pair… A real “two-headed watch”, as Anthony Marcotte dubbed it in a recent video clip (BPM Sports) :

Seeing Xhekaj do so well with the Rocket is enough to make fans and the Montreal Canadiens organization smile.

The left-hander struggled defensively at the start of the season, and he’s improving that aspect of his game right now because he has the opportunity to do so.

It’s often said that the NHL isn’t a development league, and this is a fine example of that. Xhekaj wouldn’t have the opportunity to play as much and be placed in situations that benefit his progression in Montreal because Martin St-Louis has other defensemen to manage in his line-up.

Anthony Marcotte’s comments also highlighted the relationship between Xhekaj and Mailloux. The guys have become good friends off the ice and their chemistry carries over to the ice, which is great to see.

There’s no rush to recall Xhekaj because he’s improving right now. He’s helping Mailloux’s development, he’s giving the Rocket a big first pair of defensemen, and that too is reflected in the club’s success, which is currently sitting in last place for the playoffs in its division.

Before Arber Xhekaj’s recall, the Rocket was at the bottom of the AHL standings.

In brief

– It’s all about the Jets’ performance.

– Ayoye!

– He’s been on fire lately.

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