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Cutter Gauthier situation: John Tortorella gets angry and defends Kevin Hayes
Did we tell you that the Cutter Gauthier case was in a state of flux?

As time goes by, it’s clear that Flyers fans are still frustrated that Gauthier doesn’t want to play for the Flyers.

That said, it’s important to mention that this does not justify the death threats received by the young man. That’s going too far.

Gauthier made such comments on the bangs of the Ducks’ official podcast. This is the first platform where he has agreed to speak publicly about the situation and the transaction.

However, he wouldn’t say why he refused to sign in Philly. Maybe someday he’ll open up on the subject… but not now. It’s still too early to decide whether he’ll open up.

Right now, it’s between him, his family and his agent. Remember that even Daniel Brière has questions.

I wonder what would happen if he publicly revealed the reasons for his decision. And I’m not saying that to justify the messages, because it’s simply horrible to send death threats.

But even if Hope didn’t want to open up about the situation, he was still keen to come to the defense of two people: John Tortorella and Kevin Hayes.

He asserted that the former was not the reason he refused to sign in Philadelphia, and that the latter had nothing to do with his decision either. He says he would have had no problem playing for Torts.

And in fact, yesterday, after the game against the Canadiens, Torts was the talk of the town.

How did he do it? He identified the journalist who first said that Kevin Hayes had, according to his sources, something to do with Gauthier’s decision. Tortorella made a public point of telling him how wrong it was.

Are you kidding me? You think Kevin Hayes would do something like this? That’s bulls**t. – John Tortorella

Because the coach considers it unfounded, he’s angry that (according to him) it was thrown in the air, just like that, and that it affects Hayes’ life, who will forever be linked to this story.

He doesn’t believe the journalist’s sources.

Tortorella added that his relationship with Hayes the hockey player wasn’t good and that they had problems in that area… but the coach added that Hayes was a good man who wouldn’t have done that.

That makes it clear.


In recent days, Daniel Brière has often said that his coach may be hot-headed in front of the media, but that deep down, he’s a good man who takes care of his people.

Here’s a good example.

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