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Maybe Joel Armia is included in the deal Trevor Zegras » – Darren Dreger

Ever since the Anaheim Ducks traded Jamie Drysdale (and a pick) to the Philadelphia Flyers in return for Cutter Gauthier, let’s just say the two teams have been in the news.

The Flyers are in the spotlight because they’ll be facing the Habs tonight due to the way things ended with Gauthier. And the Ducks? Because of Trevor Zegras, whose future is increasingly unclear.

Already, in recent months, we had the feeling that Zegras wasn’t the Ducks management’s favourite. Now, however, the rumours are back with a vengeance with the arrival of a top-tier forward prospect in California.

We learned that the young man might be available via Darren Dreger, and since then, it’s been the talk of the town. And with good reason.

Marco D’Amico explained why he would be willing to let Kaiden Guhle go in a deal involving Zegras (I raised the possibility myself a few months ago) and it’s been the talk of the town ever since. And rightly so.

Note that I did say I raised the possibility, without more. I don’t know how far I’d go with my eyes closed, considering Zegras isn’t the most complete player either… and because I like Guhle, too.

Note that when the Ducks forward doesn’t get a point in a game, he’s not the most useful player – like his friend Cole Caufield, for that matter. And he’s no point per game, Zegras…

But hey. Still, it’s fair to talk about the situation, because it’s not every day that a young (22) forward as talented as him is – potentially – available.

And these days, the Canadiens’ name comes up a lot. David Pagnotta talked about Zegras and the Habs in a recent paper, and while he says it’s speculative, the fact remains that he wasn’t talking about two teams. He just talked about the Habs.

It’s important to note that Pagnotta said this before seeing Zegras injured last night. Does this change the game? I don’t think so, considering that if Zegras is traded, it’ll probably be more this summer.

At least, that’s what Darren Dreger thinks. That’s what he said on the radio (TSN 690) this morning.

That said, the question I have is this: with all the Ducks’ prospects at center and defense, what can Kent Hughes give to convince his Anaheim counterpart to give him Zegras?

You can’t get Zegras with just a bunch of Joel Armia… even though Dreger joked that a guy like Armia could potentially be a throw-in in such a deal.

Hey, maybe he’s a throw-in for the Ducks when Kent Hughes gets Trevor Zegras to play with Cole Caufield.

Does that sound good? – Darren Dreger

No, there’s no guarantee that Joel Armia will leave. Kent Hughes would like it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

We know the Habs won’t give Nick Suzuki for Zegras, and we suspect that would also be a no for Cole Caufield. So what do you start the potential deal with? What’s the big piece, before talking about Armia? That’s what I’m wondering right now – and I’m not the only one.

Right now, Zegras is probably angry about seeing his good friend Drysdale in Philly and all that’s going on. And we know that if he doesn’t improve his 200-foot game, he won’t help himself stay in Anaheim long-term.

It depends on what he wants to do to secure his future in California.

Daily Faceoff has Zegras as the fourth-highest target on the trade market, and Dreger said that on TSN’s list, he’ll be lower. Dreger would be surprised to see Zegras finish the season anywhere but Anaheim… and we’ll see what happens this summer.

And even then, he might not trade. But since it’s possible… we’ll speculate on that.

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