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Samuel Montembeault should get the start tomorrow evening
The advantage of having three goalkeepers on a team is that, when traveling, you can plan your schedule well enough to give the goalkeepers a rest.

For example? Right now, the Habs are in Philadelphia for a road game (tonight). Tomorrow night, the San Jose Sharks will be at the Bell Centre to take on the Canadiens.

What’s the point of bringing three goalies to Philly, only to have one of them eat unnecessary popcorn in the press gallery?

That’s why, knowing full well that Cayden Primeau will have the net tonight, I was anxious to see which of Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeault would be present in Philly as goalie #2.

And now Renaud Lavoie tells us that the Quebecer isn’t in Pennsylvania. The same goes for goalie coach Éric Raymond.

So it’s easy to conclude that the Habs asked Montembeault to stay home for the just over 24-hour trip to Philly to be ready to beat the mighty Sharks at home.

I like that. I thought the Habs would ask Jake Allen to face the Sharks, but come to think of it, would it really help his market value, to win against San Jose? Or worse, losing to San Jose?

As long as Allen doesn’t have the net on Saturday against the Oilers… I’m fine with the plan.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Habs brought Rafaël Harvey-Pinard to Philly, but not to play. In fact, it’s probably so that he can continue training with the group in preparation for his return to action.

Remember that yesterday, Martin St-Louis stated that the Habs would not be making any changes to their lineup (other than Primeau). So it’s no surprise that RHP won’t be playing tonight.

Will he play tomorrow? We’ll see in due course. One thing at a time.

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