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The Dubois trade, one of the biggest thefts in recent years in Jason Demers’s eyes
When the Kings acquired Pierre-Luc Dubois, there was a phrase that was often heard throughout the National League.

“The Los Angeles lineup is going to be hard to stop with the center line of Anze Kopitar, Phillip Danault and Dubois.”

But the Kings have offered the big money for the Quebecer’s services, and that’s where the problem lies. Alex Iafallo and Gabriel Vilardi shine in Winnipeg, with their new formation…

Which forces Jason Demers to think that the trade is one of the biggest thefts we’ve seen in the NHL in recent years.

Dubois has collected just 16 points so far this season (36 games) and, as in recent years, it’s his inconsistency that’s been the talk of the town.

The Quebecer hasn’t changed: he plays well when he feels like playing well… whereas some nights, it seems he just doesn’t feel like being on the ice.

By way of comparison, Vilardi already has more points than him this season (17) and has played 15 fewer games than the Kings’ player. Even Alex Iaffalo has more points (17) than Dubois…

It’s not just the points that are important, but seeing Pierre-Luc Dubois struggle so much is worrying for the Los Angeles organization.

After all, the Kings offered him an eight-year contract, which pays him $8.5 million per season… And right now, he really doesn’t look like a player of that caliber.

Imagine how chaotic it would be in Montreal right now if Dubois were in a Flanelle uniform.

It looks like Kent Hughes avoided a very bad decision…


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