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Top-3: the Jets now sit atop the NHL standings
Credit: He had a great start to the season in Winnipeg!
There were only three games last night in the National Hockey League, but there were still a few events to remember.

Here are the highlights.

3. Connor Bedard leaves the game after a heavy body check

Last night, as the Chicago Blackhawks visited the New Jersey Devils, we witnessed a somewhat disturbing scene, as young sensation Connor Bedard left the game after receiving a body check.

Bedard looked out of sorts after the heavy first-period contact, and didn’t return to the game.

Of course, the Blackhawks players wasted no time coming to their star player’s defense.

Philipp Kurashev and Nick Foligno went after Brendan Smith for his body check.

Nick Foligno even added to his tally in the second period, dropping the gloves on Smith.

Anyway, let’s hope it’s more fear than harm for the Blackhawks (and the whole hockey planet), and that Bedard isn’t seriously injured.

It would be a huge loss not only for Chicago, but for the entire hockey world, if Bedard were to miss several games.

2. A day Vasily Ponomarev will long remember

There are some memorable days in a professional hockey player’s career.

Whether it’s the day of a first NHL call-up, the day of a first NHL game, the day of a first NHL point or goal, and so on.

These are all important moments in a player’s career.

Now, imagine if all these firsts happened on the same day in the space of a few hours.

Well, yesterday, that was the case for Carolina Hurricanes prospect Vasily Ponomarev.

Here are the details of his day.

All in the space of less than 12 hours.

It’s truly a day that Ponomarev will remember for a long time.

Here’s the 21-year-old Hurricanes prospect’s first NHL goal.

He earned his first NHL point earlier in the game on a goal by Seth Jarvis.

3. Jets take NHL lead

The Vancouver Canucks aren’t the only Canadian team enjoying a full 2023-2024 season.

The Winnipeg Jets are having just as good, if not better, a season than the Canucks.

Last night, Rick Bowness’ team took on the poor Anaheim Ducks.

It ended in a 3-1 victory for the Jets.

What might have seemed like just a run-of-the-mill victory turned out not to be, given that the win put the Jets at the top of the overall NHL standings.


In short, the Jets are excellent this season, and they don’t seem ready to slow down.

It’s nice to see two Canadian teams in the NHL’s top-5, even if that doesn’t include the Montreal Canadiens.


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– Today’s NHL schedule: 14 games.

(Credit: Google/NHL)
(Credit: Google/NHL)

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