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Matvei Michkov: “I have a valid contract with SKA”.

Matvei Michkov is having an excellent season in Russia. The Philadelphia Flyers prospect already has 29 points in 33 games since arriving in HK Sochi. He’s produced a few gems along the way, but it’s not for his scoring talents that he earns a place in today’s texts, but rather for his words.

In an interview with Pavel Lysenkov of Russia’s Match TV, he opened up about his season and his contract, which have made many teams wary of him.

The reporter asked him if there was any chance of seeing him in North America before 2026, when his contract with SKA expires.

“I’m not ready to answer that kind of question, but I have a valid contract with SKA. So you have to respect all the conditions.” – Matvei Michkov

This may discourage some Flyers fans, who may be waiting for a miracle in his case.

Michkov didn’t stop there. He was asked about the World Junior Hockey Championship, which he obviously couldn’t attend. Remember that Russia has been banned indefinitely from competitions by the IIHF, which has recently shown itself open to change in this matter.

But back to the Russian player, who didn’t mince his words when it came to the holiday tournament. He believes that Russia would have won because of that special 2004 generation. In fact, he says no one could have beaten them en route to the gold medal.

In his opinion, the tournament is flat without the presence of Russia. And he’s not entirely wrong. Putting the geopolitical context aside, it’s a power we’ve taken out of the tournament. This has, however, allowed other countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia to shine more brightly.

Finally, Michkov talked about the upcoming draft and the presence of Ivan Demidov, whom he considers better than Macklin Celebrini. In the Flyers prospect’s eyes, there are no other options.

In bursts

– In the “Not a strong leader” category.

– Nice interview.

– Another Rocket victory.

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