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Connor Bedard leaves Devils game after being severely beaten

Since the start of the season, Connor Bedard has been turning heads wherever he goes. He’s flamboyant, explosive and, above all, always finds a way to get on the scoresheet.

If some observers were worried about him getting “shuffled” with regularity, he’s done pretty well so far. In particular, he has some very nice feints that help him.

That changed on Friday night, however, when he was hit solidly by Brandon Smith of the New Jersey Devils.

The young Blackhawks player was hit in the face and immediately retreated to the locker room, visibly in pain.

Chicago later announced that he would not return to the game.

The reaction of his teammates was immediate. Nick Foligno was the first to jump on Smith to retaliate. A scrum obviously ensued.

The story didn’t end there. In the second half, Foligno once again paid Smith a visit, and this time it was with a fight that the Devils player had to respond.

The famous code was used once again.

Of course, Bedard’s state of health will be the talk of the town; he single-handedly runs the show in Chicago. In 38 games, he has 33 points, including 15 goals. That’s phenomenal for a rookie, especially as he’s not well surrounded this year.

Every time he touches the puck, you get the feeling that something special is about to happen.

Bedard confided a few days ago that he felt at home in Chicago and that he had received a warm welcome from the fans.

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