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Ryan Hartman admits his hit on Cole Perfetti was intentional

Rivalries exist in every division. In the Central, the Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets don ‘t like each other very much.

The Wild are second-to-last in the division, while the Jets are second, behind the Colorado Avalanche.

To end 2023 on a high note, the two rivals faced off twice in two nights, and there was plenty of action.

In the first game, Brendan Dillon didn’t appreciate Kirill Kaprizov’s reverse hit and hit him twice in the ribs with a stick.

To watch the sequence between Kaprizov and Dillon again, click here.

This sequence remains in the memory of Wild forward Ryan Hartman.

During the return game, in the face-off circle against Cole Perfetti, Hartman deliberately hit Perfetti in the face with his stick.

When I say deliberately, it’s because Perfetti had a microphone on him during the game, and Hartman literally confessed that it was purely intentional.

In his defense, Hartman told the Jets forward that it was nothing against him, but that it had to happen.

At the same time, when you look at the replay of the lacrosse shot, you can clearly see that it was intentional. Hartman didn’t hide, at least, admitting it was intentional.

Following this sequence, Hartman received the maximum fine of $4,427.08. That’s what the safety department announced at noon today.

I think it’s a bit stupid that he only got a simple fine, which he can probably pay with what’s in his pocket. The maximum fine is too low for my taste, but that’s another debate.

What surprises me most about this fine is Hartman’s history.

The right-handed striker never misses an opportunity to upset the opposition, but with this list of fines, I think a short suspension of a game or two would have been more appropriate.

I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that the player safety department is very inconsistent. That’s nothing new anyway.

But the fact that its history is so well-stocked should ring a bell and a suspension of at least one game should have been given, despite the fact that the hit wasn’t violent.

The intention was clearly there, as was the history, and it was blatant. We want to reduce hits to the head/face, but the department doesn’t do much.

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