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Caufield asked about St-Louis passion

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Caufield asked about St-Louis passion
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Martin St-Louis’ passion is radiant, and since his arrival with the Montreal Canadiens on February 9, 2022, he has given his soldiers a ton of thrills.

His speeches are fabulous, according to the players. His reactions behind the bench when his club scores are unique, and his involvement during training sessions is in the “never seen before” category.

And despite almost two years in the job, that passion is as high as ever. He’s still as dedicated and committed as ever. This was confirmed by Cole Caufield, who can count on St-Louis to support him in his development as a player and as a human being.

Caufield’s exact words, after the pack of reporters asked him if St-Louis’ passion was still palpable, were, “Oh yeah, every day!”

Caufield, who celebrates his 23rd birthday on January 2, 2024, has a similar line to that of his chief pilot when commenting on the collective development of the Sainte-Flanelle.

“We’re not satisfied with anything. I think as a group we’re coming, we’re knocking on the door, it’s close, we can see it and that’s what’s motivating us right now!” – Caufield

Let’s be frank, in a truly objective and authentic kind of way. Martin St-Louis and his assistants are doing a great job with the players they have on hand. It’s all well and good to criticize St-Louis’ schemes, but it takes a while for lessons as detailed as these to blossom.

I still believe that St-Louis is the man who will bring a real culture back to this organization, which could bring the 25th Stanley Cup to Montreal.

Remember this: patience is key.

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