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Habs training: Christian Dvorak still conspicuous by his absence

Martin St-Louis’ soldiers took to the ice at the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Stars, to stretch their legs in preparation for tonight’s 8 p.m. showdown.

And, of course, the question on everyone’s mind: Which of the three goalkeepers will defend the Montreal cage? The Tricolore’s head coach still hasn’t made up his mind at the time of writing.

Up front, Christian Dvorak was still conspicuous by his absence, meaning that Johnathan Kovacevic would have to take the seventh defenseman’s jersey and the attack would have to deal with 11 players. Exactly as we saw last Sunday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

As a reminder, D-Vo is scheduled for more extensive testing, but it looks like that part still hasn’t happened…

Details to follow…

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