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Conor Geekie will not be suspended by the IIHF
Tomorrow, the quarter-finals at the CMJ 2024 get underway.

First, Slovakia takes on Finland at 6 a.m. (Quebec time). At 8:30, our Canadians take on the Czechs. At 11:00 a.m., the United States will take on the Latvians and finally, at 1:30 p.m., Switzerland will visit Sweden.

If you don’t want to miss out, you’ll have to get up early…

For Canada, despite a record of 3-0-0-1, it hasn’t been a very convincing tournament. The nation was whitewashed by the Swedes, the tournament’s hosts, and had all the trouble in the world beating the Germans.

At least they’ll have some reinforcements for their quarter-final match. Conor Geekie was not suspended for a gesture that earned him a match expulsion yesterday.

Remember that his match yesterday lasted just 11 seconds.

He had been chased off for this gesture towards a German player much shorter than him.

It’s a far-fetched penalty (non-penalty according to Elliotte Friedman).

At least the IIHF reviewed itself and decided not to give Morgan’s brother an additional infraction.

International hockey is much tougher on this kind of checking. But the guys are warned at the start of the tournament that they can’t tackle like in the OHL, for example. Even if Geekie is a giant (6 feet 4 inches), he has to learn that it’s not the same game at international level.

In short, Canada is certainly delighted to learn that Geekie won’t be missing any medal-round games. In 3 games and 11 seconds of play, the Arizona Coyotes prospect has three points. He’s important to his nation, which isn’t counting on the strike force of recent years.

If the game against the Czech Republic looks like an easy win on paper, think again. Again, Alan Letang’s team didn’t necessarily look good against Germany, and the Czechs still took the Americans, the tournament’s best team, to the shootout.

Speaking of the Americans, they’ll be treated to a walk in the park in the quarter-finals. I’m happy with the Latvians’ Cinderella run, but they’re simply not up to the task.

The same goes for Switzerland against the Swedes…

The match between Finland and the Slovaks is a little more promising. Too bad it will be played very early…

Unlike in recent years, the bracket is flexible. In other words, after the four quarter-finals, there will be a reclassification of the teams still alive. If logic is respected in all matches, Canada will face Sweden and the USA will cross swords with Slovakia.

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