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LPHF: short-handed goals put an end to penalties
This afternoon, the first game in the history of the LPHF will take place.

New York visits Toronto at the Mattamy Athletic Centre. Maple Leafs players support their favourites.

The six teams will each play 24 games, for a grand total of 144 matches.

As a reminder, 16 of the Montreal team’s 24 games will be broadcast on RDS.

Marie-Philip Poulin’s team will break the ice tomorrow in Ottawa.

What you need to know about this new league is that a few rules will differ from the NHL. A win will not be worth two points, but three. An overtime win will be worth two points, and an overtime loss, one point.

Basically, it’s like CMJ…

This format is strongly encouraged because of the short schedule. As Jim Cerny mentions, it will make the matches more exciting, as the teams will try everything to win evenly and get the three points.

Another new rule will be put in place, and over the past few years, many in the NHL have been calling for it.

Short-handed teams will see their penalty end if they score a goal.

I find this addition very innovative and would love to see it in the NHL.

After all, if a team playing 4-on-5 scores, it no longer deserves to be in deficit, right?

What do you think?

In gusto

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