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The goaltending market could play tricks on the Montreal Canadiens
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The saga of Montreal’s goaltenders is causing many specialists and fans to yelp, which is not a very positive situation at the dawn of 2024.

In fact, Benoît Brunet is one of those who can no longer cope with the blue-white-red’s three-team goaltending staff. On December 28, he allowed himself an outburst on the subject, directly on the set of L’Antichambre.

“Why are you back with Primeau? Nenon, but right now… We haven’t played in six days. I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired, I’M TANKED! Why aren’t Montembeault and Allen here tonight (speaking of last Thursday)?” – Brunet

For the life of me, I can’t figure out Martin St-Louis and the Tricolore’s goaltending philosophy. Hey, masked man number one, Samuel Montembeault, hasn’t been on duty yet this week… he will be tonight (Sunday), against the Lightning.

Yesterday, he wasn’t in Florida, but in his Tampa hotel room, which makes no sense to me! The Habs absolutely must give Monty the net, since he’s the one who should get it. We call logic, please! Hello!!!!

Kent Hughes is ready to lower his asking price for Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau, so let him take his fingers out of his nose and move his feet. Toronto isn’t far away, and this club could be looking for reinforcements in front of the cage.

Except that Toronto seems to think it can hold out until Joseph Wall, the team’s number-one goaltender, returns.

Elliotte Friedman has an update on goaltending on Sportsnet and, like us, he thinks it’s been far too long in the news… and then dismisses (or almost dismisses) the Leafs from the goaltending picture.

In the end, if Hughes wants to dance around and lower his demands, he can turn (quickly) to Carolina, the Oilers, the Devils or the Kings. Basically, these are the teams that want to solidify the position in front of the net.

The goaltending market could play tricks on the Montreal Canadiens, which could really guide the organization towards a ménage à trois until duel number 82.

In a gust of wind

– A small change to the Habs line-up for tonight, as Christian Dvorak will have to sit out.

– Thomas Chabot’s return to the Senators is certainly the news of the year for them!

– This Jani Nyman goal is just too crazy!

– Sam Reinhart is on his way to something great!

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