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Martin St-Louis is fed up with Joel Armia’s bad punishments
Last night was a VERY boring hockey game for the Montreal Canadiens, who lost 4-1 to the Florida Panthers.

There was very little to get your teeth into in the Habs game, which explains why there was no analysis of the game this morning as it put everyone to sleep in front of their screens.

After all, it’s hard to have a good game when you’re only directing seven shots on net in the first two periods.

In short, it’s a game to forget for the fans, but for Martin St-Louis, it’s one that will serve as the basis for several corrections he’ll have to make within his team.

One of these corrections is the indiscipline that continues to hurt the Tricolore.

Once again yesterday, it was one of the elements that sank the team.

Joel Armia took a very bad penalty in the offensive zone, with the game tied 1-1. The Panthers scored the winning goal on the power play.

At the post-game press conference, you could really sense how fed up Martin St-Louis is with his team’s indiscipline.

Without naming names, it was clear that St-Louis had a message for forward Joel Armia.

He explained that this kind of indiscipline can’t happen and clearly needs to be corrected, as it’s costing the team far too many games and points.

It’s frustrating for everyone, even if the Habs have no playoff aspirations this season.

Getting back to Armia, seriously, it’s time to move on.

Not only do we never know what to expect from him, he’s starting to hurt the team by taking bad penalties in the offensive zone, which is clearly bothering St-Louis.

Right now, the 30-year-old Finn is in the Habs lineup, as they only have 12 forwards with the big club.

Otherwise, it’s clear that Armia would be going to the stands to eat hot dogs.

But even so, I think it’s time to make room for another player, preferably a young one, who will bring a lot more energy (and hopefully consistency) to the lineup than good old Joel, who plays every eighth game as if he were one of the NHL’s best players.

In short, Armia’s bad penalties in the last two games are the last straw for him.

He brings virtually nothing to the team, and now he’s even getting in the way.

In short, let’s hope the Habs buy Armia a little subway ride to Laval after the trip that ends Tuesday in Dallas against the Stars.

It would be a much-deserved return to the AHL for Armia, while his roster spot in Montreal would be much better suited to a youngster like Emil Heineman.

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