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AHL: Zachary L’Heureux strikes a violent blow to Colton Dach’s head
In the world of hockey, scenes involving unsightly and violent gestures are not uncommon.

In fact, sometimes a player or even players get a brain cramp and take a nasty swing at an opponent.

Well, we were treated to just such a scene last night in an American League game between the Chicago (Rockford IceHogs) and Nashville (Milwaukee Admirals) feeder clubs.

After receiving a violent check from behind from Colton Dach, Nashville Predators prospect Zachary L’Heureux retaliated by delivering a violent blow to Dach’s head.

Here’s the scene in pictures.

This was a really dirty move on the part of L’Heureux, who was clearly frustrated against Dach because of the big check he received.

You’d think it was just a simple brain cramp, and that L’Heureux didn’t have time to think, but the problem is that this isn’t the first time the Quebecer has struck such a dirty blow.

Indeed, as explained in the tweet above, L’Heureux has already been suspended nine times in the QMJHL, while playing with the Halifax Mooseheads (three seasons) and the Moncton Wildcats (one season).

One of these suspensions lasted ten games.

The Montrealer was suspended after attempting to hit fans with his stick.

In short, let’s see if L’Heureux’s QMJHL history will play a role in the severity of the suspension he could receive from the AHL.

Let’s hope that Colton Dach, Kirby’s brother, is in good health after that violent blow to the head.

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