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Sean Monahan linked to Jets by The Athletic
As you know, the Habs will have to decide what to do with Sean Monahan ahead of the trade deadline. Will the center be traded or not? And if he stays, will it be with a contract extension in hand?

Go figure.

But one thing is certain: the closer we get to March 8, the more public discussion there will be about the Ontarian. After all, at $1.985 million until July 1, and with his experience, he’d be a steal.

The name of the Colorado Avalanche often comes up in discussions on this subject. In fact, it was to Colorado that Pierre LeBrun linked Monahan in a piece for The Athletic, in which he and Chris Johnston play matchmaker.

But Johnston chose to talk about the Winnipeg Jets in Monahan’s case.

Because the Jets give their GM reason to go out and get reinforcements and because Monahan would be “easy” to get, it’s viable. Note that I say “easy” because of his cap hit, not because Kent Hughes would let him go easily, obviously.

Clearly, if Monahan is traded, we’ll have to keep an eye on Winnipeg. After all, the Habs player has no no-trade clause, which is ideal for the Jets, who play in a flat city…

In The Athletic, five other players were named. And even if David Savard wasn’t there, another Flanelle player was.

We’re talking about Jake Allen.

The more time goes by, the more we realize that he’s the goalie to beat. It’s likely he’s the one Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton are trying to trade for to put an end to the ménage à trois in front of the net.

The Hurricanes (LeBrun) and Devils (Johnston) are the teams named in the text. David Pagnotta also mentions the Oilers.

In any case, these are teams that have circulated in the past. At this point, we have a good idea of the goaltending market, and we’ll just have to see who can go after Allen.

And barring a major injury across the NHL, the teams interested shouldn’t change too much.

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