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Jonathan Huberdeau: “I could go 60 games without a point”.

A few days before Christmas, I wrote about the fact that Jonathan Huberdeau hadn’t scored in a month. I don’t need to tell you that for a guy who earns $10.5 million a year for more than seven years, that’s not enough.

Huberdeau, for some reason, is in the midst of a veritable lethargy. He hasn’t scored since November 20 (because no, he hasn’t blackened the score sheet since last week), but…

But even worse: he hasn’t had a pass since November 30. He has no points since the beginning of December.

(Credit: ESPN)

Obviously, right now, it must be horrible for him. On a human level, to see a player not being able to do his job like that, it’s obviously difficult.

But no matter what, he’s got to find the back of the net eventually. Or at least, he has to find a way to get a pass.

And that’s something the man himself knows. In a recent interview, the Quebecer preferred to laugh about the situation in front of the media rather than get all worked up and break things publicly.

He chose to turn it into a joke, saying that at this point, the way things are going for him, he could go 60 games in a row without getting a single point.

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Obviously, he said it as a joke. That said…

You have to remember that in every joke, there’s a grain of truth. And right now, I think there really is a part of him that thinks he’ll never be able to find the back of the net or get a pass.

After all, if he feels he’s doing everything he can and it’s still not enough, it’s clear he’s going to think he’s broken.

It reminds us a little of Josh Anderson’s aimless sequence. Let’s not forget that since he scored (against a goalie), he’s had five goals in as many games, and he’s unstoppable. That’s what it’s going to take for Huberdeau: a goal… or an assist.

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