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WCJ: Jacob Fowler scores more points than Lane Hutson in U.S. win
It was a quieter day at the CMJ today, with only two matches on the bill. The first of the day pitted the United States against Switzerland, a match that kicked off at around 11 a.m. Eastern time.

Of course, it was an opportunity for Habs fans to watch Lane Hutson… but also Jacob Fowler, who was coach David Carle’s point man today.

After Trey Augustine in the first game, it was Fowler’s turn to get some playing time.

For the Swiss team, Cristobal Huet’s son, Ewan, was the Swiss goalkeeper in this match. Sorry to anyone who got old reading that.

Obviously, Switzerland aren’t exactly the most threatening opponents for the tournament’s big favourites, and as it happens, the USA made sure to go all out. In the very first period, David Carle’s team racked up no less than five goals, including a hat-trick from Jimmy Snuggerud.

As for Fowler, he was generally solid in the first twenty minutes… but he was fooled by a magnificent play by Gregory Weber, who made a mockery of the U.S. defense.

Hard to blame Fowler for that one: Weber was simply better.

In the second period, however, the U.S. continued to turn on the heat, scoring no less than four more goals.

On their eighth goal, Lane Hutson Jacob Fowler earned an assist. It was his long delivery that allowed Frank Nazar to feed Gavin Brindley, who scored.

After 40 minutes, the score was 9-1 to the USA.

And despite the thorough correction, Hutson still hadn’t scored a single point…

In the third, however, things took a turn for the worse for the Habs goaltender. Just as his team-mates seemed to have taken their foot off the gas, Fowler allowed two more goals, with Hutson looking a little out of sorts on the Swiss’ third of the game.

Fowler wasn’t “bad”, but Trey Augustine was superior to him on Tuesday. I think that gives Augustine a run for his money in the #1 chair.

In the end, the Americans won 11-3… and Hutson didn’t collect a single point. He’s down to just one point in two games, and he’s not looking too good so far.

He’s still got time to bounce back, though: we know he shows up for the big games, and I’m confident he’ll eventually bounce back.

In bursts

– Jacob Fowler says it again: he’s extremely proud to be a member of the Canadiens organization.

– A little bird tells me it will be Marie-Philip Poulin…

– Let’s hope he’s well.

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