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Cole Caufield is always the man for special occasions

Criticism is increasingly levelled at Cole Caufield, as he is unable to thread the needle properly. A scorer of this stature can’t afford a slower pace than last season…

Before I go any further, I’ll take a few seconds to reassure you that Cole Caufield will be donning his white jersey tonight.

Back to our sheep!

Some will say he’s still developing, so the ultimate goal is to progress year after year, which means he has to score more. Yes, but no.

Coach St-Louis’ goal is to make Cole’s game more complete than some one-dimensional players. These lessons can take some time to learn, which can “damage” the number of goals in the end.

In short.

In 2022-23, he capped his career with a total of 26 goals in 46 games. Had he played all 82 games, using the famous rule of 3, his record would have been around 46 goals.

This season, with his eight successes in 33 games, that gives him more or less 20 in 82, which is mediocre for a natural scorer like him. Even if St-Louis adjusts his game, his laser remains, and he needs to capitalize more when he uses it.

He needs to find a way to turn on the red light more consistently at 5-on-5, and rediscover his touch on the massive attack. He’s been much less dynamic in this facet of the game for some time now.

Nevertheless, despite the small grey cloud hanging over him, Caufield is still top of the league for goals scored in overtime. It’s a facet of the game that shows how, given space, he can become the most clutch player in his group, if not in the NHL (in overtime). At least, that’s what this statistic indicates!

In any case, we mustn’t overlook one thing: perhaps his shoulder is still bothering him, and even more so since the game against the Hawks.

In gusto

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