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Training: Cole Caufield was absent and Heineman is no more

The Montreal Canadiens players hit the ice again late this morning to get a few things right for tonight’s showdown with the Carolina Hurricanes.

The highlight of this pre-game training session was not Juraj Slafkovsky’s prowess, but Cole Caufield, who was conspicuous by his absence. The little number 22 took advantage of the morning to undergo treatment.

Like Caufield and Martin St-Louis, we have every right to be concerned… Remember the sneaky check delivered by the Hawks’ Isaak Phillips (on Caufield) last week? Caufield immediately retreated to the dressing room, only to come back into the game a few minutes later, but still.

This morning’s other Tricolore situation: Jordan Harris was officially reactivated, so Emil Heineman was immediately sent back to the Laval Rocket.

Johnathan Kovacevic took charge of the left wing in the first combination, in the absence of the little number 22. With Kovy and Harris on the third pair with Jayden Struble, it’s easy to see who will be in the stands to watch.

Caufield should be able to play, if my reading of the morning portrait is right, of course… Remember that he took part in all the drills at yesterday’s practice!

Remember that Cayden Primeau will be playing in his second duel in a row, which raises a few questions in my coconut: Do we want to put him in the showcase to move (settle the 3-way split) quickly in 2024? Has Kent Hughes asked St-Louis to send him back into the fray to test his mettle once again for the future?

No idea, but one thing remains certain: Primeau will be in the line-up tonight.

Details to follow…

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