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Lane Hutson’s offense doesn’t impress his coach

Lane Hutson is something of a future “Cale Makar” for Montreal Canadiens fans, given the similar qualities of the two defensemen. On the other hand, Makar is one of the best players on the planet, if not one of the top three, while Hutson has yet to play at the NHL level. Let’s not get carried away, shall we?

It’s important to point out that Hutson isn’t an explosive skater like Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar. He does, however, have above-average mobility, which makes him a real threat.

Hutson is VERY good, even exceptional. He has what it takes to do great things and potentially become the quarterback of the Montreal Canadiens. Not only is he an offensive machine, he also cares about his zone and the defensive structure of the game(in the game?).

David Carle, head coach of the U.S. team, was impressed by the defensive aspect of his young brigadier’s game:

“I’d heard about his offensive potential, but I was surprised by his willingness to limit the opponent’s time and space in defensive territory. The more I work with him on a daily basis, the more I appreciate his defensive game. We should talk more about this aspect of his game, but I understand that his offensive exploits attract more attention.” – Carle

It’s true that the focus is on Hutson’s offensive statistics, because they’re elephantine and they’re searing the imagination. Who wouldn’t be amazed to know that Hutson posted 20 points, including eight goals, in 15 games in his second NCAA season?

Ultimately, with his new size and weight gain, he could become the steal of the 2022 crop sooner rather than later.

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